The First

What is it to be British?

Are we culturally defEarl Grey tea with lemonined by our passionate love of complaining about the weather?  Our bizarre addiction to tea?  Going all faint if we so much as glimpse a bit of ankle?  Having an almost compulsive need to stand in any queue we see?

I don’t think I’d ever paid much attention to exactly what sets us apart from others until I myself became an expat, and suddenly there’s either a yawning chasms that set us apart from some cultures and in other cases a common thread that binds us to others.

So here I am living in Jacksonville, which is a city located close to the Florida/Georgia border and can boast the claim to being the largest city in Florida in terms of population, as well as being the largest city in America in terms of land covered.

I’ve been in America for a little while now, and there are some surprisingly odd things that I’ve come across as well as other things I didn’t think to pack that I’ve discovered that I cannot live without!


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