Go on, laugh at my egg and soldiers, I dare you….

Eggcups.  How hard can it be to find sodding eggcups.  Chickens were scratching around South America long before the Spanish set up camp, therefore there have been chickens here for over 3,000 years, and judging by every menu anywhere Americans eat eggs for breakfast, so why can’t I find eggcups?

I’ve searched the cheapo supermarkets, the fancy supermarkets, the specialty (which means ‘expensive’) stores and the kitchen and household focused shops and not one single eggcup could be be found.

I’m not ashamed to admit that in my darkest, deepest moments of desperation I even ransacked the house for suitable alternatives and tried for size tea-light holders, measuring cups, bottle lids and Egg and Soldiersminiature jars, however not one of them provided that snug, hugging fit that defines a perfect egg cup.

I even offered my colleagues at work a reward if they could locate somewhere that sold eggcups, however to my surprise I was asked to explain what an eggcup was and what purpose it served.

How can a land that has never heard of Egg & Soldiers consider itself to be one of the most advanced nations of its time?  How is it that a country that prides itself on its military might has not yet embraced Egg & Soldiers for breakfast?

Egg & Soldiers are one of the rare joys in life, and most of us who have experienced E&S had our first encounter at a young age when our Mum’s made it for us for breakfast.  I feel that it is this link between family, security, home and food that makes the appeal of E&S so enduring as it’s one of my top comfort foods when I’m feeling a little blue.  And without eggcups it’s not going to happen.

Want to know what I did?  I had to buy online.  It sucks as I usually like to buy local to support my community, however with there clearly being a big empty space in the American Dictionary under ‘Eggcups’ I knew that there wasn’t going to be an easy solution to my problem.

So I am now the proud owner of 2 china eggcups and oh, they are glorious.

Everyone has their own perfect formula for this anytime treat, and here is mine for a perfect Egg & Soldiers with ‘dippy’ egg yolk:

To make for 1 person you will need:
A small saucepan half filled with water
2 eggs
A timer
2-4 slices of bread

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.
Once the water is boiling, carefully lower 2 eggs into the water.
Turn the stove heat down so that the water is simmering instead of boiling up a storm.
Start a timer counting down/up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds (to ensure the egg is cooked with a still-liquid yolk).
Put your bread into the toaster.
Once the toast is done, butter the slices and cut into strips approximately 1-1.5cm wide.  These strips of buttered toast are the ‘soldiers’ in our Egg & Soldiers feast, and they need to be small enough to fit inside an egg shell.
Once the eggs are cooked, remove from the saucepan and nestle them into your carefully sourced eggcups.  I tend to settle my eggs narrow side up.
Slice off the top of your egg with a knife or spoon.
Add salt/pepper to taste.
Dip the ‘soldiers’ into your dippy egg and enjoy the glorious taste of hot yolk, fresh toast and butter.
Once you run out of toast strips, grab your spoon and dig in.



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